Solve Your “I Don’t Know What to Say” Problem Once and For All

Top Pickup Artists Share Their Secrets on How to Talk to Women, so You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Say Again

Dear friend,

I understand how you feel: I’ve been in the situation of not knowing what to say to a woman for a long time. It really sucks…you see a hot woman and you don’t know what you have to say to start talking with her, which doesn’t help with your approach anxiety.

What’s worse ist hat even when you get the courage to go talking with a stunning woman – and you even think something brilliant to tell her – then you don’t know what to say next. The result is that she keeps staring at you after your approach, but you say nothing…she loses interest and you lose her attention.

The few timest that you open your mouth right after your approach, you end up asking some common question, which doesn’t help you picking her up at all.

I hate this situation, it was just terrible.

Wouldn’t you like to solve these problems?

The Key to Come Out With Brilliant Things to Say

I hate so much the fact that I didn’t know what to say to women that I couldn’t help but fight to find a solution.

Well, after many efforts, I end up finding a solution.

Are you ready for this secret?


The solution was using tested conversation scripts from some of the top pickup artists in the world. You may try hundreds of things to say to a women, or you can use what the bests say. Which one do you think is the easiest solution?

I’m talking about drawing from the secrets owned by people with many years of experience and hundreds of women “under their belt“.

To tell it all, these secret conversation scripts were so useful that I ended up putting together a collection of the best stuff from the top pickup artists around the world.

Nick Savoy

President and Program Leader of Love Systems

Has personally recruited and trained many of the world’s top dating coaches today.


Best Istructor at Love Systems’ Super-Conference 2013


Has dated Ms. Hooters and picked up a woman on the Maxim top 100.


Winner of Keys to the VIP


Has dated Playboy Models and made out with a famous female rock star in a San Francisco

I used their secret and results were seriously astonishing. That was the moment when I realized that those secret lines could help other people who were the same problems I was having.

At the beginning I wasn’t sure about sharing those lines because I was worried that some people could use them with a woman with whom I was talking and they could steal her to me…but in the end I realized that too many people could benefit from this stuff to keep it a secret.

So, I decided to release my personal collection of tested pieces of conversation from the top pickup artists in the world. The Routine Manual was born.

Thanks to this Manual You Can

Know what to say to approach a hot woman

Be able to run an interesting conversation and keep it going

Have fun talking with women

Attract the women you desire

Be the charming man women want interact with

You’ll definetely solve your “I don’t know what to say to her” problems, and you’ll never run out of things to say again.

That’s obvious when you know what’s inside this manual.

Almost 200 Pages of Excellent Content

This manual includes almost 200 pages of content from the best pickup artists in the world – which you may realize how amazing could be.

You’ll have it all cover, from approaching to building connection or even seducing a woman.
Here’s what’s covered:

Creating your own routines
Much more….


In this manual, you’ll find whatever you may need to take your ability to talk to women to the next level.

Here are some sure-fire routines you’ll have the chance to learn:

The Rich Girl Opener
The Girl Coding Transitioning
The Penis Implant Attraction
The Tension Test
The Truth Game
The Secret Sex Toys Routine
The Almost Kiss Routine


But, hey…I don’t want you to trust me for my words. I want to show you what you can expect from this amazing collection of routines from the bests. Enjoy some of the awesome routines within this manual:

Routine Manual Chapters

As you can see this manual includes some very interesting stuff…and in case you are wondering if it’s going to work, you probably want to read what people who tried it are saying.


Keep the Natural Flow of a Conversation

What’s very interesting about this manual is that you will be able to keep a flawless natural conversation with women.

Men usually worry about looking unnatural using routines.

It should be enough to say to all “naturals” have routines – they just use their own routines. How many times did you tell a joke that was very funny to your friends?

Like that, I’m sure that you already told at least one story twice or more, in your life.


Everyone uses routines…

But, there’s more.

This manual want to be a guide either that you want to use tested routines or just want to come out with your own natural stuff.

In fact this manual will inspire you to the point that you will come out with brilliant and creative ideas.

Maybe you want to deliver your stories, and you just want to spice them up. You now will have the chance to do that.

Maybe you want to develepe your own flirting style. Maybe you want to build your own jokes based on your cool adventures.

You have the power to choose what to do with all the information you’ll get from this manual.

You can stack tested routines in your conversations.


You can build your own stories around tested frameworks.

It’s your choice.

In both cases you’ll just win.


Here’s What People Say About This Wonderful Manual

“IMO, it should be worth more than $99.” – C.S.

“This is the real deal. This is all it is been hyped up to be. The best thing about it for me is it allows em to have a structure to base my own stuff around. Just like when we all learn how to write when we are kids, we all end up writing in our own hand writing style using the same letters of the alphabet.” – S.K.

“Awesome! This ebook is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.” – T.E.F.

“From opening lines to last minute resistance, this book has it all. Thank You!” – Nathan David Tarms

“I LOVE IT!” – Thomas Edward

It Will Work Like Magic

Not only people can say that, but you can also realize this by media coverage that Love Systems got. You end up in the BBC or in the Fox News channel only if your stuff works REALLY well.

And you’ll even get your back covered by our ironclad guarantee.

Our Ironclad 30-Day Money Back Gaurantee



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